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Western New York is changing before our eyes, and refugees and immigrants are an important part of that progress. Now more than ever, welcoming these industrious and talented families is fundamental to America and an opportunity to secure our region’s economic viability and long term success.

The Western New York community has always been a generous partner in helping the work of the Institute.  We continue to count on your assistance through a variety of ways.

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The Annual Fund augments the Institute’s varied government funding sources and provides unrestricted support that is critical to delivering services and meeting client needs.  Your support is appreciated no matter the size of the contribution.

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The donation of items and gift cards assists clients in setting up households and providing items needed day to day.  To see what donated goods the Institute currently needs, check the Institute’s Wish Lists on AMAZON.


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Not everything our clients need has to be purchased off Amazon directly. Many items can be donated second-hand. Items like cleaning and hygiene items can be purchased much cheaper in person! Consider collecting a group of friends and putting together a $10 toiletries basket or cleaning supply bucket for the families we serve or starting a donation drive in the community for these items!

Donations will be accepted Mondays and Wednesdays by appointment only. To schedule a donation, email us or call 716-883-1900.

Visit this page for the most recent list of needs.


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