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Model United Nations

For generations, Model UN has played an essential part in extracurricular activities for many high schoolers nationwide. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about international affairs by acting as UN delegates who debate real-world conflicts and resolutions.

Over 700 students from 40 local high schools participate in the annual Model United Nations General Assembly, where they address pressing issues in international relations by writing, debating, amending and voting on resolutions in committees that simulate those of the UN General Assembly. Students act as diplomats for the day, learning about other countries’ national interests and foreign policies. Participants gain a better understanding of global security, as well as economic, humanitarian and environmental concerns that are critical to the future of our world.

Global Kids Program

Global Kids transports student classrooms (grades K-8) around the world and educates them about different cultures through fun, engaging activities like dance, crafts, music, stories and books. This program, available for schools, homeschooled students, libraries, community centers and other organizations, promotes sensitivity toward others and increases participants’ ability to interact meaningfully with friends, classmates and neighbors of different cultures. Students also learn about immigrant and refugee experiences through interactive activities.

Academic World Trivia/Community World Trivia

Are you a history buff, art aficionado, sports fanatic, world cuisine connoisseur or traveler? If so, this trivia competition is for you. Community World Trivia and Academic World Trivia encourage participants to square off in an internationally focused contest. Both versions of this competition are fun and educational for all involved!

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