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New American Integration

Welcoming Foreign-Born Individuals

Refugees and immigrants are essential to Western New York’s economic development. Their arrival reverses our region’s population decline, drives workforce and small business growth, and supports innovation and home ownership. The International Institute of Buffalo’s programs empower these groups to quickly become enfranchised, taxpaying community members who, in turn, expand our region’s cultural richness.

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Supporting Our New Neighbors

While we have served  immigrant and refugee integration for over a century, we’ve formally resettled refugees through the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) since the passage of The Refugee Act of 1980. Our integration work starts by welcoming newly arrived refugees and immigrants through our resettlement program. Once settled, these groups receive employment support in a client-centered, culturally and linguistically appropriate manner.

Welcome to Buffalo!

Buffalo has a storied history of welcoming New Americans. The Institute has helped thousands of families begin a new life in our great city by connecting them with ethnic community leaders, other local immigrant and refugee organizations and American-born residents. As a member of Welcoming America, we collaborate with many local stakeholders to forward our mission and create an atmosphere befitting of the City of Good Neighbors.

Our Services


We establish safe housing opportunities for immigrants and refugees by working with reputable landlords. We also assist by enrolling them in English as New Language (ENL) classes (formerly known as ESL), connecting with doctors, and signing them up for school and social services.


We provide job training programs to New Americans that prepare them to succeed in the workforce.


We currently have a small legal team available to help Afghans granted parolee status under Operation Allies Welcome (OAW). Unfortunately, we are not funded or staffed to help other immigrants, refugees or asylum seekers adjudicate their cases at this time.