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New American Job Training

Are you looking for hard-working, reliable employees authorized to work in the U.S.? For over 30 years, we’ve run a successful employee training program that prepares our New American clients to work effectively in our country. This program offers individualized assessment, preparation and placement services to clients with diverse language and educational skills in addition to financial literacy classes and job retention support. Not only does this enable our clients to maintain economic self-sufficiency, but it also increases employer satisfaction.

Excelling in Our Workforce

We recruit and train New American employees for more than 300 employers across various industries, including manufacturing, customer service, landscaping and hospitality. Our clients have the skills to fill any position with extremely impressive employment outcomes. We customize training curricula based on an employer’s needs, including fee-based, on-site English as a New Language (ENL), cultural competency and more.

Hire Professionals

Through our Professional Pathways program, immigrants, refugees and asylees return to former professional careers or continue higher education to attain the credentials they need to apply their trade in the U.S. Clients who have participated in this program have gone on to work in manyl kinds of professional occupations, becoming accountants, pharmacists, engineers, mechanics and architects. To hire our clients or get more information, please call (716) 883-1900 and ask for an employment staff member.

Hire a Refugee

Looking for hard-working, U.S.-authorized employees? For over 30 years, our New American job training programs have prepared our clients to work with employers just like you. We work with more than 300 employers across Western New York, introducing New Americans into the workforce in manufacturing, customer service, landscaping, hospitality and other industries.

Through individualized assessment and diverse skill support in English as a New Language and cultural competency, our team ensures economic self-sufficiency and employer satisfaction.

For New Americans

If you are an immigrant or refugee who is no longer being supported by another agency, you may be eligible for certain employment or other training programs. Please call us at (716) 883-1900 and ask for our Employment Program Manager for more information.

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Job Club

Before you even meet them, prospective employees learn all they need to know to apply for a job with your organization, including preparing a resume, filling out an application, and learning how to interview. They also learn the specifics of being productive in the American workplace, including interacting with management and fellow employees, reading a pay stub, and understanding benefits programs.

If you have foreign-born employees currently on staff, we bring them up to speed with the Job Club training they need but may have missed because they were not our clients.