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Education Programs

For the Community

International Speaker Series

This lecture series gives locals the opportunity to learn the story behind international foreign policy headlines from experts in global issues. Speakers lead an in-depth analysis for curious learners and engage in active discussions with the community about these topics. Past topics include Brexit and the EU, Iran crossroads, global famine, economic warfare, China and the U.S. and war crimes.

Health Literacy

The International Institute of Buffalo ensures the health and wellness of our foreign-born neighbors through educational sessions and screenings. These partnerships increase awareness in immigrant and refugee communities concerning critical health issues like breast cancer, cancer screenings and early detection. We also collaborate with local colleges and health agencies to provide health literacy sessions for New Americans, increasing their understanding of preventative medicine and how to navigate the U.S. healthcare system.

Educational sessions for healthcare providers, medical professionals and trainees are conducted using translated materials and certified interpreters to help them work more effectively with these communities.

Our partners include:
  • Buffalo Public Schools Adult Education Division
  • Catholic Health
  • D’Youville University
  • Erie County Cancer Services
  • Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • UB School of Pharmacy
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