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Interpreting and Translation Services

Why Request Language Services?

People with limited English proficiency have a right to access programs and services in their primary or preferred language. Professional interpreting and translation ensure these members of our community are able to enjoy accurate, complete communication. The International Institute of Buffalo works with a network of interpreters and translators who can help provide these services in accordance with state and federal regulatory practices.

On-Site Interpreting

Businesses, educational institutions, non-profits and other organizations sometimes believe remote interpreting can be more cost-efficient and reliable than in-person alternatives. However, remote interpreting comes with several challenges, often including technical difficulties, poor audio/visual quality and outside interference. All of these factors limit interpreters from being able to understand a conversation, limiting successful communication.

Engaging with a live, in-person, certified interpreter provides benefits for everyone involved, including:
  • Reading body language, cultural cues and nuanced gestures
  • Discerning the meaning behind these nonverbal cues, such as discomfort or offense
  • Understanding idiosyncratic language patterns
  • Quickly adapting to working with children or those with underdeveloped language skills
  • Attuning to the sensitive nature of the diagnosis, care and private health information present in medical appointments and hospital settings
  • Understanding the big picture in demanding situations, such as interpreting for several people while responding to needs for clarification or answering questions
  • Communicating more effectively with customers with a disability, such as blindness (which limits remote options)
  • Engaging with elderly clients who may be resistant to or wary of technology
  • Building trust and relationships as barriers are broken down, especially during initial meetings and conversations
  • Availing for legal appointments and court settings where legal ramifications, sensitivities and privacy are great matters of concern
  • Providing a continuation of care from checking in/out of a medical facility, assisting with paperwork, and completing consults or follow-ups
  • Helping when the client or patient doesn’t have access to remote methods
  • Providing the totality of communications when at presentations, events and international business meetings, which allows for translation of written materials and interpretation of spoken words

Local Translation

The Institute provides professional translation and localization in over 60 languages at competitive rates. Transcription and voice-over talent are also available upon request. For our translation services, we rely on linguists who are native speakers and have the cultural background necessary for quality, culturally informed translations. Every translation receives a certificate of accuracy to ensure authenticity.

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