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Meet the Staff

Meet Heidi, Our Resettlement Intern!

By July 25, 2021No Comments

Welcome to another week of our Meet Your Staff Monday Series, where we’ll be highlighting the different members of our team and letting you get an inside look at some of the wonderful people who help further the mission of the Institute!

Today we’re speaking to Heidi, our Resettlement Intern!



1. Please state your name and the position you hold at the Institute.

Heidi Bock – Resettlement Department Intern


2. What is your favorite activity to do outside of work?

I love spending time with my boyfriend, our son, and our two pups. I like going to the beach, finding new (cultural) restaurants to eat at, trying new ice cream spots, and working on art. I have my own business making plant holders (Hello plant Moms & Dads out there!), so that’s fun too!


3. What is your favorite local immigrant/ refugee/ survivor run restaurant or business?

I’d say Clay Handi right now. The food is incredible and I love the atmosphere of the restaurant.


4. How long have you been working at IIB?

Just since May 2021


5. Can you tell us a bit about your position and/ or department? 

The resettlement department helps incoming refugees get settled here in Buffalo. We find them housing and set up their homes, set them up with public services, and make sure they have all the necessities to get started when they arrive. We also greet them at the airport, which is a pretty emotional experience.


6. What is one thing you’d like our community to know about refugee/survivor populations?

They have been through a lot and often times have waited for years in refugee camps to get to America. They deserve to be here and enrich our city with culture and differences!


7. What is one thing  the community can do to help further your work or our mission?

Volunteer to help at the institute or keep an eye out for the donation lists and help by donating the necessary items.


8. Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I really enjoy helping others and learning about different cultures, so the Institute has been a great fit for me. My internship has been rewarding so far!