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Covid Outreach Team Successes

By December 3, 2021No Comments
The International Institute of Buffalo has developed a Covid Outreach Team to meet the needs of refugees throughout the crisis. This team has done amazing work in their field, providing new arrivals with important Covid-19 information, encouraging vaccination, and debunking common myths surrounding the pandemic.
Here are some of the highlights of our work:
  •  We organized 6 vaccine clinics, the result of which were 491 vaccine doses administered.
  • We assisted the Community Health Worker Network of Buffalo (CoNECT) with 3 of their vaccine clinics by providing interpretation and registering people for their vaccine. 266 doses were administered between these 3 clinics.
  • We scheduled and transported new and recent arrivals to their vaccine appointments (51 doses).
  • Between the 6 vaccine clinics, the 3 clinics we helped at and the 51 doses for new arrivals, the total doses we facilitated is 808 doses.
  • The total doses of our 6 vax clinics and the 51 new arrival doses are 542 doses.
  • We have 6 more vaccine clinics scheduled for the month of December.
  • We educated over 900 people about covid and covid vaccines and we distributed 2000 vaccine fact sheets around Buffalo at the various refugee- and immigrant-run businesses. Flyers were distributed in 15 languages.

Every day our Covid Outreach team is out in our community, tabling at events, talking to new arrivals, working with health officials to make our city a safe place! You can support their life-saving work by making a donation to our annual fund.