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Buffalo Without Borders Cultural Packets

By October 14, 2021No Comments

Thank you for supporting our Buffalo Without Borders To Go Series! Your ticket purchases support the local restaurants we feature, the local businesses we source our bag items from, and the refugees and survivors that benefit from the resources these fundraisers help us provide! Click each of the links below to learn more about the countries of each night, from their climate to holidays and traditions to exclusive chef interviews and an inside look at menu and bag items– these culture packets are full of amazing information on the regions that Buffalo Without Borders celebrates!

If you enjoyed these cultural packets consider making a donation, in any amount, to our annual fund here. All donations directly uplift the refugees and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence that utilize our services to connect with resources like employment opportunities, language access, and safe housing!


Night One Culture Packet: Burma

Night Two Culture Packet: Afghanistan

Night Three Culture Packet: South Sudan