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Tuesday, April 4: UB Professor Dr. Faizan Haq presents at the Great Decisions Speaker Series

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UB Professor Dr. Farina Mirza presents at next Great Decisions Speaker Series

By the fall of 2022, Iran was in turmoil due to widespread protests against the government-enforced wearing of the hijab, a failing economy, an ineffective new president, and the looming succession of the country’s leader, Ayatollah Khamenei. Abroad, renewal of the Iran nuclear deal seemed doubtful, and tensions remain high between Iran, Israel, and Arab states. Many Iranians have lost hope of a better future, and the country seems at a crossroads. How should the United States deal with it?

Dr. Faizan Haq, professor in the University at Buffalo’s Department of Communications, will present on Iran at a Crossroads this Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday, April 7, marks our fifth 2023 Great Decisions Speaker Series presentation. The series features eight engaging foreign policy discussions introduced and facilitated by leading experts across Western New York. To order tickets, download the 2023 Registration Form.

About Dr. Farina Mirza

Prof. Faizan Haq can be aptly described as a true patriot, who crossed seven seas almost 3 decades ago for his future but left his heart there. He is a Pakistani-American in a true sense, it won’t be wrong to say that his loyalties towards the country of his birth and for the country, which not only gave him success, but also gave him a name along with honor, are the same. Being a dedicated and devout UB alumnus, his journey to reach the stature of a professor and a successful businessman speaks volumes for itself. His philanthropic services towards the community here in the States and in Pakistan are commendable.

He channelized his academic experience in the best possible manner by serving as a professor in the fields of Intercultural & International & Organizational and International Communication at The State University of New York College at Buffalo (Buffalo State College) since 2004. He believes that our success and survival of our identity are in the hands of our progeny, and we can reach our goals through academia. He kept his cultural and religious persona intact by working in the fields of Islamic Cultural History along with, U.S.A. relations with the Muslim World at the State University at Buffalo for over twenty years.

In addition to Islamic Studies, his academic interests include: Intercultural Studies, International Relations, and Media Analysis. He also has taught courses on Islam and Democracy.

Presently, Haq is developing courses on Muslim perception in the Media, Contemporary Middle Eastern Politics, and Relations between the Islamic world and The United States.

His research interests include relationship between organizational achievements and individual Behaviors, Islam and modernity, and postmodern communication paradigms and their effects on cultural identity.

Haq is a member several different organizations including local and federal organizations both in Pakistan and USA. He is the Founding President of, which has a strong foothold in the community. He has also launched a monthly news and policy magazine, The Collective News ( Haq is an active member of the Western New York Interfaith Community and is an alumnus of Leadership Buffalo 2007. He has been engaged in the University Express program at Erie County for over 10 years and has been presenting on the Arab Spring, Pakistani Americans at the Crossroads, Islam and Women, and Muslim Cultural Identity.

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