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International Visitors Interview: Anna

By February 25, 2020No Comments
Anna was one of our visitors from Russia, we interviewed her about her experience in Buffalo Here is how she responded!

What is your name and profession in Russia?
 “My name is Anna and I am a lawyer, an educator, and now I am a director of an elementary school.”
What is one thing you’ve learned from visiting our Buffalo community?
 “A lot! The people here are very polite and open. I learned a lot about the professional structures of business which differ from Russia. Here the businesses are very community oriented and the government helps with grants more here than in Russia.”
What has been your favorite experience in Buffalo?
 “Meeting the hospital and helpful people and business! And the hockey game. We watched the Sabres win!”
Have you noticed any similarities between Russia and Buffalo?
 “We are both hospital people who want to meet and learn from each other!”
Do you have anything else to share with our Buffalo community?
 “Buffalo wants to be reborn and is working on becoming prosperous again, which is something you can see.”
Thank you for speaking with me Anna!
“Thank you for having me!”