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International Visitors Interview: Pavel

By February 25, 2020No Comments
Pavel was one of our visitors from Russia, we interviewed him about his experience in Buffalo Here is how he responded!

What is your name and profession in Russia?
 “I’m Pavel, I am a small business owner and a public activist in Russia!”
What is one thing you’ve learned from visiting our Buffalo community?
 “I’ve learned about the different aspects of Buffalo: the entrepreneurs, immigrants, minorities, governments, and students. Life here is different than in Russia, but it is not better or worse! It has been beneficial to see the integration that happens in Buffalo.”
What has been your favorite experience in Buffalo?
“Meeting all the people and getting to see American life from the inside! I loved getting to understand the multiple communities inside Buffalo.” 
Have you noticed any similarities between Russia and Buffalo?
“We both have areas to grow in, we face common problems, the problems all people face in business and politics.
Do you have anything else to share with our Buffalo community?
“I have made many international friendships across Buffalo! And I got to visit with the Buffalo cigar club, which is an international club as well.”
Thank you for speaking with me Pavel!
“It was my pleasure!”