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Jennifer Rizzo-Choi Speaks with the Buffalo News: Limited Window for Afghan Parolee Asylum

By May 2, 2023No Comments


Refugee Family awaiting asylum, studying English in Buffalo, Ny

Photo Courtesy of” Libby March/Buffalo News

Executive Director Jennifer Rizzo Choi spoke with the Buffalo News’ Sean Kirst about the challenge Afghan humanitarian parolees face and their limited window to solidifying legal asylum.

A local family is among the 600 Afghan refugees who recently arrived in Buffalo following the Taliban’s takeover and fall of Kabul in 2021. They are among the 80,000 who were granted humanitarian parole under the U.S. Operation Allies Welcome, many of whom now face dangerous repercussions for directly helping American military personnel, diplomats, and aid workers during the U.S. War in Afghanistan.

You can read the full article by clicking here.