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Meet the Staff

Meet Jennifer, Our Lead Coordinator of Interpreting & Translation!

By August 8, 2021No Comments

Welcome to our Meet Your Staff Monday Series, where we’ll be highlighting the different members of our team and letting you get an inside look at some of the wonderful people who help further the mission of the Institute!

Today we’re speaking to Jennifer, Our Lead Coordinator of Interpreting and Translation!

Please state your name and the position you hold at the Institute.

Jennifer Ulrich – Lead Coordinator of Interpreting and Translation


What is your favorite activity to do outside of work?

Garden, hang out with the kids, NOT hang out with the kids


What is your favorite local immigrant/ refugee/ survivor run restaurant or business?

Street Asian Food, Great Wall, Abyssinia, Dr. Bird


How long have you been working at IIB?

9 years


Can you tell us a bit about your position and/ or department? 

We provide and advocate for language access for non-native English speakers.


What is one way you/ your department has worked through the pandemic to continue your services?

We have been able to continue servicing the community by providing remote interpreting through video and telephone. We have been able to help customers get us their documents that need translation by helping them navigate the technology obstacle. While the building is still closed we meet our customers outside in the back yard.


What is one thing you’d like our community to know about refugee/survivor populations?

The clients we serve are regular people just like you and me. They laugh, they cry, they miss family and love each other. They are thankful for support and kindness just like us.


What is one thing the community can do to help further your work or our mission?

Donate! Time, money, goods, services. It all counts and it all goes to great use.


Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I can’t imagine working anywhere else and feeling as rewarded as I do. My colleagues are smart, funny, caring, passionate and devoted and our clientele is worth all of our efforts.