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Meet the Staff

Meet our Summer Interns (Part One)

By July 19, 2018No Comments

Maeve O’Brien, from Buffalo, NY — New American Integration, Employment

Sophomore @ Canisius College — International Relations

Places you’ve traveled to: Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, London, and the Bahamas.

Why intern at the Institute?  I wanted to help the Buffalo community while gaining experience in my major.  Plus, I love the Institute!

Austin Hyatt, from Syracuse, NY — Education & International Visitors

Senior @ University of Buffalo — Health and Human Services: Community Health

Places you’ve traveled to:  Went to El Salvador for a week with a church group and I am currently working toward a Fulbright Scholarship to be an English Teaching Assistant in Malaysia.

Why intern at the Institute? I thought the Institute was a great place to improve my communication and teamwork skills and to learn how a non-profit organization like the Institute operates.  I am learning more about how much of a multicultural community Buffalo is and how government policies affect the Institute’s work.  It has been great working alongside experienced professionals in this field.


Julian Marable, from Buffalo, NY — New American Integration, Preferred Communities Medical Case Management

Junior @ Georgetown University — Global Health

Places you’ve traveled to: Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, El Salvador and Canada.

Why intern at the Institute?  I chose to intern at the Institute this summer because of the strong debate over immigration and my interest in global health.  While here, I am working with Sherrill Quinn, the Medical Case Manager assisting at-risk and vulnerable clients with their medical needs.  I was looking for something that was hands-on that would really allow me to work with people—the Institute was a perfect fit.  I’m so excited to be here this summer and I have really enjoyed my time here thus far.


Hanna Wargula, from Lancaster, NY — Survivor Support

Senior @ Seton Hall University — Diplomacy and International Relations

Places you’ve traveled to: Australia, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Canada, United Kingdom and Slovakia.

Why intern at the Institute?  I wanted to make a difference in the immigrant and refugee community in WNY and felt that the Institute was the best place to do this.  With the current political climate, I found that voicing my opinion was not enough when not backed by action.  So, I am spending this summer at a place that is both fulfilling and genuinely enjoyable place to work.


Nicolas Leberer, from Amherst, NY — Interpreting & Translation

Junior @ Case Western University — Political Science and Economics

Places you’ve traveled to: Canada, Mexico, Greece and all across the U.S. from Kentucky to California.

Why intern at the Institute?  I decided that I wanted to spend my summer helping people.  If the past few years has taught me anything, it is that immigrants and refugees are among some of the most vulnerable groups in America.  The Institute’s mission aligned perfectly with my own personal views, which made my decision to intern here, an easy one.