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Meet the Linguist- Jenna Reiner – English, French, Haitian Creole, and Latin Translator

By March 25, 2024No Comments

Jenna Reiner - English, French, Haitian Creole, and Latin translator

Jenna began studying French in middle school and continued throughout high school. She ultimately earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in French Language and Linguistics from the University at Buffalo. Jenna began studying Latin in high school and continued throughout her undergraduate and graduate years at the University at Buffalo. She also studied Haitian Creole in graduate school while at the UB.

Becoming a translator made sense for Jenna, as she has studied languages for most of her life and has a unique passion for their linguistic and grammatical aspects. She wanted to pursue a career path that would allow her to use her grammatical and linguistic skills in the languages that she studied.

Jenna advises language learners to use language learning programs such as Pimsleur and Rosetta Stone to learn vocabulary and practice listening and speaking skills. Jenna says grammar books and other language textbooks are also helpful for practicing grammatical concepts, reading, and writing skills; language apps are beneficial for grasping vocabulary and practicing verb conjugation better.

Jenna likes working out, taking long walks, listening to music, and reading books on the structure, grammar, and history of French, Haitian Creole, and Latin. She loves interacting with people from different cultures worldwide.

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