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Statement by Jenny Rizzo-Choi,  Executive Director of the International Institute of Buffalo, on the Attack of Author Salman Rushdie

By August 13, 2022No Comments

“The International Institute of Buffalo condemns the vicious attack on author and humanitarian, Salman Rushdie.

Rushdie remains a champion of free speech. Over the decades, he was targeted by small minds who wished to silence him. Yet, he remained steadfast. His struggle underscores the struggle of others around the world.

He is a human rights defender, advocating on the behalf of authors silenced by repressive regimes.

Brutality such as this is unwarranted. That it happened at the Chautauqua Institution, a community known for fostering the free exchange of ideas, is doubly tragic.

The International Institute of Buffalo will continue to advocate on behalf of refugees and immigrants who are forced to flee their countries because they dare to speak the truth to power.

Please keep Salman Rushdie in your prayers during his recovery.”