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IIB Welcomes 45 New Americans from 28 Countries on the USS Little Rock

By June 27, 2024No Comments

We were honored to welcome 45 New Americans from 28 countries while they took their citizenship oaths at a special U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services Naturalization Ceremony on the USS Little Rock this morning. Here are the countries from which these new American citizens traveled:

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Barbados, Bhutan, Burma, Canada, China, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, South Sudan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Yemen.

The historic USS Little Rock, stationed  at Naval Park Cove in downtown Buffalo, is a guided missile cruiser and the only surviving vessel from the Cleveland Class of light cruisers from World War II.