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Jennifer Rizzo-Choi on WGRZ Town Hall Explains Current Migrant Issues

By May 31, 2023No Comments

Executive Director Jennifer Rizzo-Choi on Set during WGRZ TV's Town Hall

Click here to watch the full interview.

In case you missed it. Executive Director Jennifer Rizzo-Choi spoke live in the studio at WGRZ TV’s Town Hall about the possible influx of asylum seekers en route to Western New York from New York City. She answered questions about some local state lawmakers’ new request to the federal government for expedited work permits for these people to quell local work shortages.

She also clarified the differences between refugee and asylee designations and what is happening at the southern border now that Title 42 has expired.
You can click here to watch the full interview.

Since it’s likely that most asylum seekers won’t initially qualify for our government-funded grant programs, any contribution that you make to our general fund will allow us to help them should the need arise. Please click here to learn more.